Teacher Training

We offer Yoga Alliance 200 and 300 hour certifications with different scheduling options to choose from!

We offer affordable opportunities for those interested in becoming a yoga instructor at the 200- and 300-hour levels. Our 200-hour training can be taken alone to achieve 200 hours total. Our 300-hour training is for those who already have 200 hours through a Yoga Alliance-approved school and wish to achieve 500 hours total.

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“By persistent and sustained practice, anyone and everyone can make the yoga journey and reach the goal of illumination and freedom.”  – B.K.S. Iyengar


I thought that the whole teacher training process was extremely transformative. I loved that we spent a lot of time talking about and going through the philosophy. It literally changed my life, to the extent that I feel pulled to share it with other people. I learned a lot and I definitely would not change my experience for anything. ~ Abby

After completing my teacher training at Simply Yoga, I felt ready and experienced enough to begin safely teaching asana to all levels of students immediately after receiving my certification. The training focused on primarily postures, alignment and anatomy, as well as breathing and meditation. We also covered history and philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda. When I began teaching, I felt comfortable sequencing classes, adjusting my students in postures, and explaining postural alignment and breath control. I would recommend this training program to anyone looking to get their 200-hour certification. ~ Sarah

I truly enjoyed my teacher training program at Simply Yoga. I liked meeting for class one time a week. This allowed time to complete out of class work and bring our thoughts back to the following class to discuss. Christa does an amazing job having students start with individual postures working through small sequences before doing several minute sequences. I felt ready to teach with confidence after completing the program. As a teacher training student you get experience teaching students outside of class during the community yoga classes. Simply Yoga is a welcoming studio which reflects on Christa’s friendly personality. I would recommend the teacher training program at Simply Yoga to anyone who is looking to further their love of yoga! ~ Meggan

I trust in Christa’s abilities to teach and I truly enjoy her classes.  I love how down to earth and human she is. I love that she acknowledges there are poses she isn’t able to do or don’t like to do. I love her ability to make me smile and even laugh. I love how she accidently said “$hit” last night. I love that the class size is smaller and I feel I can get more attention to my needs.  ~ Wendy

Going through the teacher training program at Simply Yoga was a wonderful experience. I grew immensely as a yogi and also as a person.  I doubt I would have quite the mindset I have today if I hadn’t taken the course, as dramatic as that may sound. Going into the program I knew there was a lot to learn, but now that it’s nearly over I can hardly fathom how much I’ve learned over the last several months about yoga postures, breath control, meditation, and yoga philosophy. I enjoyed the length of the course because it really allowed us week by week to take what we learned and apply it to our life in manageable amounts. I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone; whether they are wanting to teach yoga in the future or are simply interested in taking a closer look at what yoga is.  ~ Stephanie

I took my 200 hour teacher training class at Simply Yoga starting in late 2012. Christa Smith has a gift for organization and teaching that made the whole process fun and exciting. We took several workshops outside the Simply Yoga studio as a group and it was a great bonding and learning experience.  We had classes weekly which started with an hour long yoga class, followed by bookwork and hands on training. The bookwork and physical work were both extensive; learning yoga theory, practice and philosophy. The variety of times, classes and instructors made learning and implementing what we learned an even deeper experience. I found the location of Simply Yoga very desirable, on the north side of Fort Wayne. The studio is comfortable and inviting, perfect for practicing and studying. Christa is the ultimate instructor, her enthusiasm for yoga is contagious, and she never stops furthering her yoga education. By the time the training ended, Christa had given us the confidence and knowledge that we needed to start teaching classes on our own.  If you are considering becoming yoga teacher, I highly recommend Simply Yoga with Christa Smith!  Thanks for the great education, Christa!  ~ Sue