Class Etiquette


Walk -ins are welcome if space is available. Please sign up in advance is possible.

Please bring your own mat and props if you have them:  All props must be wiped down after use. We rent out yoga mats for $2.00 per use if needed.

Leave all electronic devices in the lobby and turned on silent:  If you must bring your cell phone or any electronic equipment into the yoga studio, make sure it is off or that all settings are on silent. It is very distracting for other students to hear the beep, ring or vibrate of a cell phone in the middle of yoga practice.

Come to class on time:  Please be on time. We don’t always have a receptionist out front and once class beings, instructor locks the door.

Minimum age for group classes is 13: To provide the best instruction for everyone in the class, we ask group classes be attended by ages 13 and up.

Don’t eat right before class: It’s okay to have something light before class (an hour before your practice) but generally you want to let the stomach digest before coming to a yoga class.

Please stay until class is over:  While it is hard to convince some yoga students that the meditative portion of class at the end is the most important, try not to leave during meditation.

Remove shoes and socks:  Please place your shoes at the area designated for shoes and/or coats. No shoes are allowed on either studio floor.

Follow the instructor:  The reason to partake in a yoga class is to follow the instructions of the instructor. It is better to sit still and skip certain moves if you do not or cannot do them than to do your own thing in the middle of class. This can be confusing for both the instructor and the other students.

Relax and enjoy…