Class Descriptions

Barre is a supercharged 45 minute class to get you sculpted and back to the office, car line pickup or day’s errands right on time. This fast paced experience will challenge students of all levels, and leave you wondering where the time went when it’s over. Incorporating the best of Barre, this cornerstone class will push you to challenge both the body and mind while focusing on working each muscle group to fatigue. Work through dynamic, full-range movements alongside targeted, isometrics to really feel the shake and burn. Round out the total-body experience with a mindful, deep stretch that will leave you feeling accomplished and centered. No experience necessary. Please bring your own mat and a towel.

Gentle Yoga is designed for those who prefer a class less vigorous. It includes both slower paced flows along with gentle stretches as well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint and increase energy. This class is a compassionate, yet comprehensive practice that focuses on joint mobility in the spine, shoulders, hips, and extremities.  This class may reduce pain, alleviate stress, and improve your quality of life.  Gentle yoga is appropriate for all practitioners including students with chronic conditions or limitations due to age or size. ideal for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue.

Power Yoga is a style, which is often practiced in gyms today. It was derived from Vinyasa principles, and the term is sometimes considered interchangeable with Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga was designed to offer more of a physical workout to practitioners than the more traditional schools of Yoga do; and it is, therefore, fast-paced, as well as flow-based. Power Yoga is considered to be a more athletic style, since it emphasizes the physical postures and often de-emphasizes the spiritual and meditative practice associated with the slower styles of Yoga. Intermediate to advanced level class. Not intended for beginning students.

Prenatal Yoga class is open to new and experienced yoga students. Each week will start by checking in with how each individual is feeling, allowing students to get to know the others the class. The series will teach modifications of poses throughout the pregnancy while building strength, maintaining flexibility, reducing stress and building confidence. The poses and breath work will help one learn how to ease discomfort, prepare for labor and childbirth. Prenatal classes are suitable for all trimesters. These are typically offered as a series so please check under events/workshops for schedule. Check our Workshop schedule for dates. This is only run as a series and not as a regularly scheduled class.

Restorative Yin class will include a relaxing seated sequence ending with restorative postures. Using long, passive holds to work on the deep, dense connective tissues of the body, this deep, passive, internally-focused practice settles you into poses that can increase flexibility, restore and rehabilitate the joints and muscles, and teach the body to surrender and the mind to quiet. The body is completely supported in each pose mirroring the stretches in an active vinyasa yoga class but in a passive and relaxing manner. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow brings the element of time into the practice. The practitioner has time to evaluate how and when a pose should to be modified, due to physical limitations or limitations in experience. The practitioner also has the time to mentally engage with the body, as it moves through a series. The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing all forms of Yoga. Slow flowing Vinyasa is a wonderful practice in discovering one’s personal limitations and learning how to move past those limitations. Slow Flow Yoga is not restricted to beginners or those with physical limitations. All levels of Yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through a series. The pace may be slower, but challenges will be present with difficulties to work through. Even the most advanced Yoga practitioner has much to learn within the reflective pace of slow Vinyasa. Poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. Slow flow allows a person to become familiar with his or her body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward.

Vinyasa Yoga is a form of yoga that links the breath, movement, and poses together. The Sanskrit word, “Vinyasa,” has a variety of meanings; but the most common reference is to the connection between breath and movement. Vinyasa is sometimes referred to as Flow Yoga, reflecting the emphasis on the movement, or ebb and flow, between poses. Those, who are familiar with the traditional practice of holding of yoga poses (also known as Hatha Yoga), find Vinyasa to be an invigorating yoga practice as breath, movement, and posture form a continuous, flowing, dance-like, moving meditation. The Sun Salutations series is the most commonly known Vinyasa movement. Moving through the Sun Salutation series requires the practitioner to synchronize the breath, while moving through, and holding poses.

**  Note our heated classes are heated to approximately 90-95 degrees.