Jessica Fulk, 500 Hour Teacher Trainer

Jessica started doing yoga consistently a few years ago. She fell in love with the practice  after attending her first class and feeling so relaxed and peaceful after. She began practicing regularly and also reading about yoga and learning what she could, not only about the physical practice but also some philosophy of yoga and the mental and spiritual benefits, and was only further intrigued. Jessica decided to start her 200 hour teacher training at Simply Yoga to learn even more and went on to continue with her 500 at Simply Yoga. She hopes to help others find the joy and peace she finds in yoga as well as grow stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. She loves that yoga is a great practice for a healthy body as well as very beneficial mentally and spiritually helping to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Jessica enjoys strengthening and flowing vinyasa as well as a slower, more relaxed, gentle practice to quiet the mind and body. She finds inspiration in the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, the philosophy, Yamas and Niyamas, mind­body­spirit connection, and the many teachings on life, letting go, and flowing with the life we have all been given. She loves spending time with her family, playing with her toddler daughter and watching her grow and learn, anything that involves being outside and in nature, books, and summer.


Kristen Gandolfo, 500 Teacher Traininer

Kristen Gandolfo has been teaching group exercise classes for 16 years. She fell in love with yoga in 2005 after taking her first class and began her journey to gain her 200-hour teacher training with YogaFit in 2007 and then received her 500-hour teacher training in 2017 from Simply Yoga. Kristen enjoys the physical challenges of yoga but is always amazed at the mental and spiritual benefits her practice brings as well. After experiencing a scary medical diagnosis and surgery in 2013, Kristen is even more aware of how yoga has helped heal her body and become stronger but also helped to give her peace of mind. “My favorite type of class is a vinyasa flow with a focus on strength and balance. I try to give options every time I teach so if one day you have a little more energy, you can take it up a knotch but if not, that’s okay, too. When I feel myself start to become stressed, I go to my mat. It’s incredible how yoga can calm the body, mind, and spirit.” Kristen lives in Fort Wayne with her husband and twin daughters.


Kylee Hays, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Kylee Hays’ relationship with yoga has been evolving over the last several years.  Initially she attended classes periodically with a mindset of getting fit.  When her life reached a turning point she sought the refugee of the quiet she found within the yoga studio.  Recognizing her practice as an incredibly powerful tool of transformation she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophies and spiritual practices of yoga and began her teacher training in 2015.  She is most interested in the turning inward, meditation, and philosophies, including the Yamas and Niyamas and Yoga Sutras, of hatha yoga.  In teaching, she is most concerned with creating a space and experience that is conducive to growth and transformation.  When practicing with Kylee you might find yourself in a class where poetry is read or yoga philosophies are discussed.  Kylee believes firmly that yoga is not a tool for a better body but rather a better life.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in social work and has worked in various fields including mental health and wellness over the last 15 years. She received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification at Simply Yoga.

Christina 2

Christina Hoffman, 200 Teacher Trainer

Christina started her health and fitness journey in the aquatics field.  After majoring and teaching Secondary Education, she realized it just wasn’t her passion so she found other avenues to pursue her dreams. She began life guarding and is a  Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor trainer  for the American Red Cross. She also completed her AEA training and taught Aqua Fitness Classes. Christina finds so much  joy in  helping others begin and maintain their fitness goals.  She has taken Beachbody instructor trainings in a few disciplines, but PIYO was her favorite as it combined her love of yoga and fitness into one class.  She is currently in yoga teacher training, at Simply Yoga and is loving the knowledge she is gaining about yoga and deepening her practice. She found yoga after training and running her first half marathon. She was in so much physical pain and needed something to help. Yoga not only helped with the muscle soreness and pain but it strengthened her soul as well. She knew then that she wanted to pursue this passion as well.  She received her 200 hour teacher training from Simply Yoga and wants to eventually get certified to teach SUP yoga, as she does love water activities after all.


Jenn Keller, 200 Teacher Trainer

Jenn Keller admits to at first detesting yoga.  However, she learned to appreciate it when health issues forced her to take a really good look at herself and her lifestyle.  Then she found she really, truly enjoyed yoga; the mind calming and control, the physical aspect of the postures, the breathing, and the ability of yoga to change the direction in which her life and health were heading.  She received a teaching certification from YogaFit in 2008 and started teaching at a local gym. Feeling she still wanted to learn more, she obtained her 200 hour certification from Simply Yoga.  Jenn’s teaching style comes from her own background of health issues, injuries and surgeries which normally translates into a slightly slower paced class with a focus on stabilizing and feeling each pose fully.  She is Clinical Master Herbalist and is also currently finishing a biomechanics program through Nutritious Movements.  She strongly believes our bodies are a “whole” and every breath needs to flow from that belief.


Mindy Kinduell, 200 Teacher Trainer

Mindy has practiced yoga on and off since 1997 and began to practice consistently in 2016 when she sought out the peace and solace of yoga at a dedicated yoga studio to counter chaotic life as a stay-at-home parent with two young rambunctious children.  Even when not practicing regularly in the past, Mindy has long considered becoming certified in yoga instruction as a way to add to her Master’s Degree in mental health counseling and art therapy in order to work with children and adolescents by teaching relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and pranayama (breath control).  What Mindy loves most about yoga is that everyone can benefit from it, no matter the age or capability.  And that you can gain physical, mental, and spiritual benefits all in one class.  Mindy enjoys teaching to all levels and will ensure that everyone feels comfortable in her class by offering various props and modifications for each pose.  She strives to help students apply the skills and techniques used on your yoga mat to their life off the mat through poems, readings, and stories.  She resides in Fort Wayne with her husband, 2 children, great dane, and cat.


Samantha Kosakowski-Beck, 500 Teacher Trainer

Samantha Kosakowski-Beck has been teaching in the fitness industry for the last 12 years. She has been a student of yoga on and off for around the same number of years, finding her yoga journey consistent in the last few years. She is 500 Yoga Alliance certified, Silver Sneakers certified, and Reiki certified. Aside from these ventures, she is a local photographer and stay at home mom. Her teaching style consists of breath work (pranayama), helping others make asanas (postures) work for their body, and of course making that journey inward with meditation, even if only for a few moments in their day. As a mother of three little boys, she understands the importance of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects yoga brings. She hopes to connect with all of her students and invites them to find their sweetest light.

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Renee Lofland, 500 Hour Teacher Trainer

Renee Lofland has been teaching in the fitness industry for the last 15 years and completed her 500 hour teacher training in 2017 at Simply Yoga. She is also certified in Aquatic Exercise and Spin. Renee’s passion for yoga started in her early 20’s. She used it to help balance out her fitness goals but quickly fell in love with yoga more then any other fitness program. Her practice has evolved with different stages in life. At the beginning, she enjoyed more vigorous vinyasa flow classes that challenged her physically and mentally. But now after two kids, she enjoys more gentle, slow vinyasa or yin classes. When teaching, she likes to focus on the importance of connecting the breathe to movement, clearing the mind and finding a spiritual peace during each class. She loves sharing her passion for yoga to all ages and encourages everyone to try their personal best every time they step on their mats. We grow stronger in the mind, body and spirit with each day we practice. Namaste


Beth Memmer, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Beth Memmer was first introduced to yoga by a former English teacher over 15 years ago; and since then has always been drawn to its incredible ability to center and quiet the mind, even during the most stressful of times. Her classes are a balanced mix of centering and breath work, building Vinyasa flows, and finally settling in for a restful Savasana. Her desire is to teach people of all abilities, and share how helpful a daily yoga practice can be for maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Christa Smith, 500 Hour Teacher Trainer

Christa Smith, E-RYT 500, MBA is the founder of Simply Yoga. She began her yoga journey after her first class where she knew  yoga would be a part of her life from that day forward. She fell in love with the physical challenge of yoga as well as the mental benefits it gave her.  Christa had been a dancer for most of her life and a dance instructor, so the transition to yoga was natural for her. Her passion for yoga inspired her to share that passion with others through teaching.  She truly enjoys watching students transform during their yoga practice.  Christa’s teaching style focuses on alignment and making sure people are safe.  Her classes tend to gravitate towards Vinyasa incorporating breath and movement with a lot of flowing sequences – almost like a dance.  She believes in teaching to all levels in the room where everyone leaves feeling challenged and refreshed.  Christa received her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification from the Himalayan Yoga & Mediation Center in Palatine, Illinois and her 500 at Hilltop Yoga in Lansing, Michigan.


Sarah Smith, 500 Hour Teacher Trainer

Sarah Smith began learning about and practicing yoga 20 years ago when she attended yoga classes with her father. Over the years, they continued taking classes together, and Sarah enjoyed the challenges, both physically and mentally, along with learning breath control (pranayama), asanas (poses), and meditation practice. Two years ago, she began teaching yoga sessions to teachers in the school district she works for as a 5th grade teacher. Seeing how much others were learning during the after school sessions, inspired her to learn more about yoga and become more focused in her own practice. Since, Sarah has completed her Yoga Alliance 500-hour Certification through Simply Yoga in 2017. She finds the physical and mental aspects of yoga, at different times, to be calming, challenging, invigorating, and most of all, positive for the body, mind, and spirit. She enjoys teaching yoga classes with Vinyasa, flowing standing poses, and balancing postures. While teaching yoga, she loves looking out at the group and seeing the beauty of a class together in any posture, knowing that each one is at his/her individual level while continuing to gain flexibility and strength, focus and balance.

Janel 1

Janel Sprunger, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Janel Sprunger 200 Hour Teacher Trainer RN, BSN. Janel has been practicing yoga for the past twenty years. She fell in love with yoga from the first class and kept being drawn back to the classes as she felt like they gave her more flexibility, body awareness, and an overall peace of mind. Through the years, she has gained a lot of perspective into how the body changes over time and how yoga can help with those changes. As a registered nurse, she loves the idea of incorporating health and wellness into her yoga practice and invites anyone, of any ability, to join her on their journey. She lives in Fort Wayne with her husband, Matt, and has three grown children.


Laura Swanson, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Laura Swanson began her yoga journey in 2010 while living in St. Petersburg, FL.  She was immediately drawn to the physical benefits from her practice, and quickly developed an appreciation for the benefits that yoga provided mentally.  Laura’s teaching style focuses on building both physical and mental strength.  Her classes tend to build in intensity through a flowing practice in which there is one breath matched to one movement.  She believes in making yoga accessible to everyone and will provide modifications for all levels in her classes.  Laura completed her Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certification though Simply Yoga in 2015.  Laura is also a licensed mental health counselor in Fort Wayne, and has devoted her life to helping others achieve both physical and emotional well-being.


Liz Syster, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Liz Syster, RYT 200,  M.S. in Biology and local of Fort Wayne, first came to an at-home yoga practice as a teenager. She grew into a daily practice during graduate school to help with stress and anxiety. She has evolved in her practice by first gravitating to fast-paced vinyasa styles, then to slow-flows and yin yang styles that allow you to fully experience the asana. With her background in Biology and Anatomy, her style focuses strongly on alignment and making postures available for every body. She loves to challenge her students and assists them to achieve ease in poses while encouraging them to work at their own level. Mentored by fellow yoga teachers, she pursued her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate through the Prairie Yoga in Lisle, Illinois in the Fall of 2014.


Meggan Testin, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

Meggan Testin obtained her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from Simply Yoga in 2014. She started practicing yoga off and on starting in 2010, and has been consistently practicing since 2012. Originally starting yoga for the physical aspect, she has learned to find the mental benefits to balance out her everyday life. During her pregnancy, she had to scale back her practice, which allowed her to focus on breath work with the movements. It’s about meeting your body where you are that day. Everyday we meet different challenges off the mat, which can affect our practice. She will start the class with flows to get the body warmed up before moving to standing postures. Meggan will give modifications for poses according to the students in the room. She believes that yoga will meet everyone where they are supposed to be.

Karen 1

Karen Weller, 200 Hour Teacher Trainer

In 2006 when looking for a way to mix up her work out routine, a friend introduced Karen to yoga. She quickly realized yoga wasn’t all about flexibility, but also physical and mental strength. Ten years later, after deciding she wanted to share her love for yoga with more people, she pursued teacher training at Simply Yoga. Today she’s teaching basics & beyond as well as multilevel classes that are centered on proper technique, form & individual levels of experience. Karen’s practice is built around vinyasa flows, strength & balance and achieving a mind, body & spirit connection.